Reduce working from home Cyber risk

Create a culture of cyber awareness and empower employees to protect your organisation.

Delivered by an experienced & accreditited team

The big question, why?

With more home working due to the covid pandemic which is changing the landscape of businesses, encouraging businesses to cut back on office overheads and embrace home working as a long term strategy, your employee's home network is now a growing security weakness and a soft target for cyber criminals.

Minimise the new threats and vulnerabilities associated with working from home!

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Does this look familiar in your household?

Out of date devices

Your 8 year old iPad that never gets updated because it’s just for the kids to watch YouTube on.

New threats

Researchers were able to remove the owner's access, and show how hackers could access a user's network.

Your virtual friend, Alexa

So cool but it hasn't had a software update in years, so everything done online is potentially exposed.

Your risk

Cyber Security Audit Professionals

One of our team will work through a rigorous home assessment to highlight and educate your business on risks you are experiencing to give you the opportunity to close the gap before a serious cyber incident happens.

A growing concern

The internet of things (IoT) is growing fast, with light bulbs, door bells and cars being connected to the users wifi for a touch of a button control experience, companies have a huge blind spot to control.

Home Cyber First can provide employers with a clear window vision of what their networks are exposed to. Our reports provide knowledge and education to your workforce helping mitigate risk.

Education is everything

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Offering a range of security auditing services

Questionnaire assessment

Every employee is sent a questionnaire to complete. The information obtained gives clarity allows you to understand and act on the recommendations.


Written report indicating advisory action

On-site home cyber audit

For the most comprehensive and secure, reliable data, a home visit is advisable. This is recommended for your most trusted users.


Written report indicating advisory action

Remote cyber audit

A Home Cyber First Professional remotely accesses the employees network and completes a remote audit.


Written report indicating advisory action

Did you know?

Device danger

Did you know that the average household has upwards of 28 devices connected to their home network which could be insecurely managed.

Fact #1

59% of people use the same password everywhere posing huge security risks.

Two-factor authentication

A security system that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access something. It's mandatory at the office, rarely used in the home.

Fact #2

86% of people who use 2FA feel their accounts are more secure.

Password protection

Passwords play a huge part in cyber security. However, while many know we should use unique and complex password combinations, we don't.

Fact #3

90% of passwords can be cracked in less than six hours.


What you get as standard

Quarterly reminders

Every employee will receive a reminder email with real life case study to drive the message home.

On-going training

A yearly training session for all employees to bring the subject back to everyone's attention.

Employee engagement

Engage your employees and test their Cyber Security understanding with a 5 minute multiple choice quiz.

Delivered by an experienced & accreditited team

Join leading companies protecting their employees from cyber attacks at home

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